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Everything Goss Springs produces is custom made and often developed in consultation with our design and technical advisory staff. This design work is often carried out in conjunction with our designated prototype workshop where customers can work alongside our own engineers if required.

This can involve taking an existing part and finding ways to improve the product life or to reduce cost of manufacture. In many instances we are involved at an early stage of product design where we can advise on material properties, methods of manufacture, heat treatment and surface finishing to produce a suitably robust component at an acceptable cost. 

A wide range of materials is used including annealed and pre-hardened carbon steel, stainless steel, non ferrous alloys, Silver, Nickel Silver, Gold, the latest generation of thermo-bimetals and high Nickel Alloy material for corrosive situations and enviroments.

We relish a challenge and the earlier we are involved the greater the potential contribution
we can make to arriving at an optimum solution.







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