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We provide a Spring calculator program for your convienience, and trust that it may prove helpful in checking designs.
Please note that references to 'No. Coils' require the number of ACTIVE coils to be entered, rather than the total. Usually, on a compression spring, half to three-quarters of a coil can be considered inactive at each end if the ends are closed. Thus for a closed spring with a total of 10 coils, the 'No. Coils' should be entered as 8.5

After clicking on the prompt below, further windows will open. Click on the 'Open' button to display the program on the screen.

NOTE: If a message indicating that file 'VB40032.DLL' is necessary to run the spring program, click on the 'Download VB40032.DLL' button below, and save the file into your C:\WINDOWS directory, then re-run the spring program

Alternativley if you would rather discuss your exact specification face to face with our technical design team please contact us on 0208 527 5599 or email technical@goss-springs.com



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