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Goss Springs Limited & Press & Multi-Slide Tooling Limited recognises the social and economic importance of environmental protection and the implications of its activities on the local and global environment. We are fully committed to meeting this challenge and to working towards the continual improvement of our environmental standards and practices.
To support the stated commitment, it is the management policy to integrate environmental considerations into the decision-making process.
In order to maintain and sustain the Company’s environmental performance we will take every reasonable practical means to:
Comply with all relevant statutory and corporate environmental requirements to protect the environment.
• Achieve good environmental standards in all activities including the reduction, control, handling, use, storage and disposal of waste.
• Make economic use of energy, water and all other resources to minimise waste in all aspects of the business and continually improve all aspects of internal and external requirements.
• Assess regularly the environmental impact resulting from business operations and remain fully informed of recognised best practices.
• Fulfil all objectives set by the company and environmental requirements
• Communicate this policy to company customers, contractors, suppliers and employees and encourage their active involvement.
• Include environmental issues in management review meetings to increase employee’s awareness and active involvement.
• Maintain contingency plans where foreseeable risk of environmental incidents exists.
Senior Management is responsible for the implementation and management of the environmental programme.
Through the efforts of all employees we ensure that our policy objectives are achieved.

H&S048 Issue 1

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