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We have continuously invested in the latest manufacturing technology picked from European, American and Japanese machinery manufacturers. This investment encompasses a wide variety of equipment ranging from high speed presses to sophisticated wire forming and spring machines which can coil, loop and load test without human intervention.
Fully automated production on multi-stage machines, ideal for large volume items, is matched by simpler and inexpensive hand operated machines for short runs or secondary operations where it is not possible or practical to perform all forming by automated process.

Between these extremes, there are a variety of methods and processes available to our designers to achieve the most cost effective manufacturing route for each component.

We make components for a variety of companies including many household names. You will also find our work in hi-tec microsurgery instruments, automotive and aircraft components.
We are a solutions - oriented business so it's likely that as well as manufacturing the part we will have had a hand in its' design.

This tiny wireform, made in 0.025mm stainless steel with a gold plated section, requires exceptional precision. Used in advanced microsurgery procedures, each one is microscopically checked and tested.

We have developed a highly efficient QA system. While this will be more than adequate in most instances, special QA procedures can be established to suit customers' particular requirements.  

The latest process control systems are used to monitor production and to ensure that manufacturing tolerances are within specified limits.
Batch sample testing or, where reqired, inspection of every piece is carried out under controlled conditions using a combination of experienced eyes and state of the art measuring equipment. Many of the instruments are made in-house to our own design. All inspection data is recorded and retained for future traceability.

Ultimately pride is the driving force in ensuring that our reputation for quality is maintained.


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